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State Flowers

Alabama Camellia
Alaska Forget-Me-Not
Arizona Blossom of the Saguaro Cactus
Arkansas Apple Blossom
California Golden Poppy
Colorado Rocky Mountain Columbine
Connecticut Mountain Laurel
Delaware Peach Blossom
District of Columbia American Beauty Rose
Florida Orange Blossom
Georgia Cherokee Rose
Hawaii Yellow Hibiscus
Idaho Syringa
Illinois Native Violet
Indiana Peony
Iowa Wild Rose
Kansas Sunflower
Kentucky Goldenrod
Louisiana Magnolia
Maine White Pine Cone
Maryland Black-eyed Susan
Massachusetts Mayflower
Michigan Apple Blossom
Minnesota Pink and White Lady's Slipper
Mississippi Magnolia
Missouri Hawthorn
Montana Bitterroot
Nebraska Goldenrod
Nevada Sagebrush
New Hampshire Purple Lilac
NewJersey Purple Violet
New Mexico Yucca
New York Rose
North Carolina Dogwood
North Dakota Wild Prairie Rose
Ohio State Scarlet Carnation
Oklahoma Mistletoe
Oregon Oregon Grape
Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel
Rhode Island Violet
South Carolina Yellow Jessamine
South Dakota Pasqueflower
Tennessee Iris
Texas Bluebonnet
Utah Sego Lily
Vermont Red Clover
Virginia Dogwood
Washington Western Rhododendron
West Virginia Rhododendron
Wisconsin Wood Violet
Wyoming Indian Paintbrush

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National Flowers

Australia Golden Wattle
Brazil The Amarelo
Canada Maple Leaf
China Narcissus
Chile Copihue, Lapageria Rosea
Egypt Lotus
England Rose
Finland Lily Of The Valley
France Fleur de Lis (Iris)
Germany Cornflower
Greece Violet
Holland Tulip
India Lotus
Iran Tulip
Ireland Shamrock
Italy Poppy or White Lily
Jamaica Hibiscus
Japan Chrysanthemum
Malaysia Hibiscus
Mexico Vopal Cactus or Prickly Pear
Nepal Rhododendron
New Zealand Kowhai
Pakistan Jasmine
Persia Rose
Philippines Sampaguita
Scotland Thistle
Singapore Orchid : Vanda Miss Joaquim
South Africa Protea
South Korea The Rose of Sharon - Hibiscus syriacus
Spain Pomegranate
Switzerland Edelweiss
United Statesv American Rose
Wales Leek and Daffodil
Zimbabwe Flame Lily

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Flower Meanings

Alstromeria Devotion / Friendship
Amaryllis Pride / Beauty
Anemone Unfading love / Sincerity
Baby's Breath Everlasting love / Happiness
Bells of Ireland Good luck
Birds of Paradise Magnificence
Carnation Pink I'll never forget you
Carnation Red Admiration
Carnation White Innocence / Pure love
Carnation Yellow You have disappointed me
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness / You're a wonderful friend
Cornflower Delicacy / refinement
Daffodil Respect / Unrequited Love
Dahlia Good taste
Delphinium Airy
Eucalyptus Protection
Forsythia Anticipation
Gardenia You're lovely / Secret love
Gerbera Regard
Gladiolus Generosity / Strength of character
Heather white/pink Good luck
Holly Good will
Hyacinth Blue Consistency
Iris Wisdom / Eloquence
Ivy Friendship / affection
Jasmine Grace/ Elegance
Jonquil Love me / Desire
Lavender Devotion
Lilac First love
Lily (Calla) Beauty
Lily (White) Purity
Lily of the Valley Sweetness / Humility
Mimosa Sensitivity
Narcissus Stay as sweet as you are
Orchid Love / Beauty
Peony Bashfulness
Phlox Sweet Dreams
Poinsettia Good cheer
Rose Red I love you / Passion
Rose White Eternal love / Heavenly
Rose Yellow Joy / Friendship
Rose Pink Perfect happiness
Stephanotis Desire / Happiness in marriage
Sunflower Loyalty
Sweet Pea Goodbye / Blissful pleasure
Tulip General Declaration of love
Tulip Red Believe me
Tulip Yellow Hopeless love
Violet Modesty

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